Nexus Pheromones – Inside Look & Honest Review

The dating game is more complicated and difficult than ever, and a smart guy is always looking to have the deck stacked in his favor when it comes to seduction. Looking good, knowing how to approach, and best talk to women are all aspects of what it generally takes for dating success, but what if there were a way to skip all this and unconsciously influence women to have a wild lustful attraction towards you without you having to say a word?

To have them tripping over themselves to get your number? Enter Nexus Pheromones that promises all this and more. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s dig deeper and see if this product can really deliver.

Inside Nexus Pheromones

You may have heard of pheromones before, but if not here’s the deal. Male pheromones are chemicals put out by the brain that send sexual attraction between men and women into overdrive. They can’t be seen or smelled and have no taste, but their power can certainly be felt and then some.

When pheromones are released and picked up subconsciously they send an almost impossible to ignore signal which is a universal mating signal. Some men naturally produce more pheromones, and this largely explains why they do better with women despite perhaps not having the best looks or social skills. Pheromones are their hidden secret of dating success.

The most powerful of the male pheromones is Androstenone – which is exactly what’s contained within the Nexus formula. Androstenone has been extensively studied and researched in a wide range of medical journals all concluding it has an almost magical ability to influence women into a state of sexual arousal! Learn more at

Nexus also contains six other key pheromones which when combined with androstenone make for a proprietary blend that is even MORE effective than androstenone on its own.

Reviews From Real Men

The feedback on Nexus Pheromones is overwhelmingly positive, confirming the claims made by Nexus’ manufacturer Leading Edge Health.

How Much Does Nexus Pheromones Cost?

A real sign of confidence in Nexus is that each order goes out with a 67-day money back guarantee. If the pheromones didn’t produce as advertised this is an offer that would never be made. The pricing is pretty reasonable considering how effective this product has been shown to be.

Here’s the packages offered…

* The Ultimate Package for $199.95. This includes six bottles of Nexus Pheromones (four bottles plus two for free), a free bottle of the male enhancement formula Vigrx Plus, free Attract Women Now e-book and free shipping in the USA.

* The Deluxe Package for $99.85. This includes three bottles of Nexus Pheromones (two bottles plus one for free), free Attract Women e-book and free shipping in the USA.

* A Single Bottle for $49.95.

It’s pretty clear ordering more than one bottle is the smart way to go considering all the free bonuses that come with the larger orders.